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Growth and transformation consulting firm.

In the space between digital and business lies opportunity. I help the leaders of tomorrow seize it.

My clients are the companies and startups who make the world go round — they trade cryptocurrency, provide wage compliance, online education and develop cutting edge software.

I'm passionate about helping complex businesses transform into disruptive organisations capable of moving, changing and adapting faster than the rate of change around them.

I bring the agility, speed, velocity and expertise needed to uncover and seize your biggest growth opportunities.

The death of business as usual

I’ll help your business become a future-proof organisation by evolving the business model towards disruption and away from business as usual. With 15 years startup building experience and over 100 disruptive product launches in 30 different industries, my speed and velocity can’t be matched by larger consulting firms.

The death of business as usual

I’ll help your business become a future-proof digital organisation by evolving the business model towards disruption and away from business as usual. With 15 years startup building experience and over 100 disruptive product launches in 30 different industries, my speed and velocity can’t be matched by larger consulting firms.

Recent transformations

I go to extreme lengths for my clients and I’m not afraid of any challenge put in front of me. I’m here to serve you and, I’m all in.

Mine Digital Exchange

Is established cryptocurrency trading business offering customers various trading capabilities on their own custom built exchange. 

The challenge

The cryptocurrency market has become highly competitive and highly unpredictable. Our task was to design a new business model, create a new market and identify new audiences to offer services to.

The solution

After extensive research and workshops I concluded that the market wanted a different product. I designed their new platform with new branding, installed new capabilities in the business, got people into the right roles and launched a series of growth hacking campaigns.


A SaaS business compliance software that ensures accurate employee payments, client charge rates and quotation. 

The challenge

The company was struggling with sales and they didn’t have a clear customer acquisition strategy that would allow them to scale at the rate required for the company to grow.

The solution

After an extensive workshop I decided to re-brand the entire company with a new website, digital assets and vision. This enabled RatesCalc to increase lead conversion rates on LinkedIn and launch various campaigns that produced increased growth for the business.  

TechSkill Academy

TechSkill helps students improve their business, career and personal outcomes by preparing them for success through accelerated learning.

The challenge

Uncover the invisible problems preventing the company from growing and remaining relevant in a competitive market.  

The solution

Working alongside the CEO we transformed them from an training company to a tech-driven business. I re-branded the entire business, built a new website, trained the sales teams and implemented an automated lead generation campaign to increase sales.  

How I can help your business

The foundation of my growth strategy is deeply-rooted in how these six steps are executed with my clients.

AI Persona Mapping

AI that analyses millions of online data points to accurately identify your prospect’s motivations, communication style, and buying traits based their LinkedIn profile data so you can intelligently adapt how you sell to them.

Algorithmic Search

I use a combination of algorithmic search and boolean logic strings to perform complex and targeted LinkedIn searches to find and extract entrenched, economic buyer profiles getting in front of the right people at the right time

Automated Outreach

I’ll build highly personalised and automated outreach campaigns to source qualified leads and flood your calendar with hundreds of sales calls every month all without spending a single dollar or paid marketing.

Data Extraction

Migrate all LinkedIn campaign data to your CRM in just seconds so you can empower your sales processes and teams with richer lead insights, and fill in missing information gaps with firmographic, contact, and intent data.

Advanced Analytics

My platform has pre-built integrations with 80+ data sources, so you can connect quickly view campaign performance without needing any complex technology, my team will handle the entire process for you.

Mentoring and Training

I’ll train and mentor your teams and key staff and equip them with the right resources, tools, strategies and technology required to keep your campaigns moving and ROI positive after my initial engagement.

The insights that matter

A carefully curated selection of the most important topics surrounding business disruption.

The key to future-proofing your business and why so many get it completely wrong.

How to stay and remain relevant in an ever-evolving digital landscape

The importance CEO leadership plays in Digital Transformations.

How partnering with a firm with startup experience will help you succeed faster.

Time to make change happen or risking being wiped out by the companies who do. 

Why professional services companies are not immune to the impact of digital disruption.

Client testimonials

Words from some of the many clients we have helped transform digitally.

“Within a fortnight, Nathan had rectified poor or missing processes, filled skill gaps in the team, and he inspired a disenfranchised team with the confidence that they could ship a great product after all. My takeaway with Nathan is that he promises a lot, but he’s one of the very rare few that can consistently deliver the impact they profess. He is the real deal.”
Scott Cameron
CEO, Cameron Capital Group
“We thought we knew who were were as a company until we met Nathan and working with him was incredible. He rebranded our entire company, fixed missing sales processes and built us a new website from scratch in 7-days! I don’t think I've ever worked with anyone that was more influential. I highly recommend his services, he has seriously changed the way we do business."
Lawrence Mackey
CEO, TechSkill Academy
“Nathan’s process is so structured and scientific, he just has this incredible ability to narrow down on the things you have to do to move forward without being distracted with shiny objects that just waste time. I made an ROI within 3 weeks of working with Nathan which I have never done before with any other consultant. I am so glad that I have him in my corner as I grow and scale my business.
Dennis Gomez
CEO, Freedom Films
“I gave Nathan an opportunity to work with me and my team and I am so glad I did. He didn’t just execute, he rung its’ neck! I am not at all surprised to see his success Nathan has made for himself. Seriously, Nathan Barnwell is an unstoppable force!”
Ian McPherson
APAC, Director Google Maps
“Nathan is not only a very intelligent professional he’s also very inspirational. Every time I’ve turned to him for advice, his knowledge of business is second to none. The amount of confidence I gain from his guidance can’t be defined just with making money, it makes me a stronger person.”
Anthony Borg
Product Manager, Lilium
“I’ve worked with Nathan for a number of years now and what I can say is that he is the real deal. I've personally seem him design, build and launch 100+ products to market. My advice is this - if you ever get the chance to work with him I would seriously take it. His process freaking works."
Stephen Hankinson
Co-Founder, SVA Australia

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